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MDC should relent on sanctions

I think this is the time to let bygones be bygones and let people face the truth.

I applaud the efforts that the opposi

tion is making as far as addressing the situation in Zimbabwe is concerned and there is never going to be a better time for people to fight for change in Zimbabwe than now.

What haunts me is why the MDC is still on the sidelines considering that the party commands the majority of supporters.

Can we really say it’s too soon for the opposition to take over the reins of the country?

This may be true given the background of the party in terms of its age and composition.

Let us not forget that the party is coming from a labour movement background hence more needs to be done to make it a fully-fledged political party.

I also feel that the party is not yet prepared to take over the country. This is being evidenced by the in-house fights taking place within the party.

If this continues, there is going to be a danger of splitting votes as a result of other MDC candidates standing as independents. The MDC called upon the international community to impose sanctions on the Zanu PF leadership and now these sanctions are affecting everyone including its supporters.

It’s not like the MDC supporters are being paid a wage or a salary by the European Union or the United States. Everyone is suffering.

As for us in the UK, the sanctions have not spared us. We can no longer open a simple cash account to have our wages paid because we are told that we are under United Nations sanctions.

Filling out a job application form is now difficult as we have to state our nationality all because of the MDC.

Getting a visa to come to the UK is now almost impossible – a thing that was easy before the formation of the MDC. I feel that the MDC needs to mature. There is no way they are going to form a government overnight.

Zanu PF was formed in 1963 and only came to power in 1980. The MDC cannot expect to rule the country within five years of its formation.

Please (MDC leader Morgan) Tsvangirai, for the people’s sake, beg Europe and the US to lift these sanctions.

Disgusted Zimbabwean,


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