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Let’s share info on mushrooms

I WOULD like to draw the attention of all Zimbabweans to a non-governmental organisation that is based in South Korea with the following mission statement: “MushWorld is a non-profit organisation devoted to providing information on mushro

om science and mushroom cultivation to people in developing countries for poverty alleviation and to researchers and growers for development of new cultivation technology and active exchange of information among them.

“As converting agro-waste into a wonderful food source with high culinary and medicinal value, mushroom growing is an effective means for high profit and quick return with relatively low cost. MushWorld’s mission is providing free, unlimited access to all kinds of mushroom information to all those who needs them for better life”.

It is my hope that with such information those who are already growing mushrooms will be able to improve and those willing to start similar businesses will be able to get the right information.

I would also want to challenge those that are already growing to join hands, share information, expertise and help others to move towards a common goal. I am a mushroom grower who is interested in discussing various issues with other growers. If you are interested get in touch with me on 091 417 225 or e-mail nmupaso@yahoo.com

Nyasha Mupaso,


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