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If Mugabe could repair economy he would deserve a medal too

THERE is no doubt Kirsty Coventry did Zimbabwe proud by winning a gold medal at the Athens 2004 Olympics.

She was a source of happiness and inspiration to Zimbabw

eans at home and across the globe. And no one can begrudge President Mugabe for honouring and acknowledging her great achievement.

Without seeking to drag the lovely young girl’s name into the mudslides of Zimbabwean politics, I wonder whether the president and his henchmen learned something from Coventry’s victory.

It took her just a simple act of swimming to make the whole world say something positive about Zimbabwe, yet everyday President Mugabe and his government try their level best to alienate us from the rest of the world.

Everyday Information minister Jonathan Moyo preaches hate propaganda; he has muzzled the private press, foreign journalists can no longer report from Zimbabwe and the opposition is being persecuted with unmitigated fervency.

Zimbabwe has pulled out of the Commonwealth to protect the ego of a few individuals.

Thousands of Zimbabweans are leaving home every month and have to endure the embarrassment of living as economic and political refugees in foreign lands.

Education standards have fallen, the health delivery system has gone back to the Stone Age and the quality of life is now worse than it was 10 years ago yet Zimbabweans are forced to believe the nauseating propaganda churned out by the state-controlled media on a daily basis.

Talking about (Tony) Blair and (George) Bush toilets is not going to improve Zimbabwe’s image to the world. If President Mugabe and his government could bring back our economy to normal and restore our liberties and freedom to choose and express ourselves, then they would have won the best ever medal for Zimbabwe.

Hudson Taivo,


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