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Gono in impossible battle

DR GIDEON Gono, your ever innovative leader continues to suggest bright new ways of spending money you don’t have and new take-overs that will wreck the economy. Now:

rif”>* He’s going to give former political prisoners, detainees etc a cool $200 billion (FinGaz September 16) so that they’ll vote for Zanu PF in the next election. Where are you going to find that, Dr Gono?;

* He tells school children that government will take over 50% shares in mines (Standard, September 19) and Business Day (SA) of September 16 announces that “his government will soon move on to control the manufacturing sector”.

How’s that for spreading alarm and despondency in those two groups, and encouraging foreign investors to get out fast – or stay far, far away from here? I thought you were trying to encourage forex inflow?

Those are just the latest. I wonder what’s round the corner for your boss to hit us (and you) with next. And I notice that things really aren’t going all that well with your plans to turn around the country’s economy.

Whilst the rate of inflation has continued to drop towards the 200% you predicted in December last year according to the figures provided nicely by the CSO (I take it they are under your control of course);

* Homelink seems to be dying a natural death. Recent auctions have seen some 15% only of bidders successful – where do the other 85% go with their US$40 million requirements twice a week?;

*Domestic debt has increased from $346 billion (December 2002) to $546 billion (June 2003) and now (June 25) a soaring $1,4 trillion (Zimbabwe Independent, September 10). That $200 billion your boss has bespoke for detainees etc isn’t going to help there, is it?;

* You have only three months in which to make very significant inroads into the US$291 million we owe the IMF (joke). And now the IMF (I don’t think they consider it a joke) are “virtually terminating threadbare relations with the crisis-racked southern African nation” by closing their Harare office at the end of this month (Standard, September 19) – and that to me is a very significant move by that world body. Your boss’ apparent refusal to meet the new IMF chief, Rodrigo de Rato, in Burkina Faso recently on the sidelines of an African Union meeting cannot have improved “already frosty” relations (Independent September 24);

* The banking setor, beset by the harsh regimen you instituted over them last December, are still wobbling along – just! Only six of 17 commercial banks were rated as “strong” in this paper’s report of August 13; the remainder who owed $500 billion at that time to the Troubled Banks Fund will probably have to merge if they can – or go under.

Whoops! there goes another one – Trust Bank has now been placed under six months’ curatorship. Who’s next? And what shock waves and ripples will result?

Mr Gono, a magnificent advertisement inserted in the Independent of September 10 by Messrs S Moyo and K Flaxman and friends told it all – you will never succeed without political change. You’re fighting an impossible battle. Isn’t it time you woke up and smelt the coffee?

PNR Silversides,


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