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Give us the facts on water

I WAS interested in the article by Professor Chris Magadza “Harare at risk of pollution diseases” (Zimbabwe Independent, September 10) on microcystin contamination of water, but possible suggestions in combating the contaminant were not g


I would like to know, for example, if boiling the water destroys microcystins? Are there other home treatments that would work? Are bottled waters on sale free from microcystins?

Over the years I have purchased some very interesting and informative publications based on the University of Zimbabwe’s research. Though reasonably priced, they are not normally stocked in most book shops and you have to know where to go – Mambo Bookshop being one outlet.

The public needs to be informed and up-dated on environmental and other important issues.

I can never understand why so little of the UZ’s research information is reaching the public!

M Leppard,


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