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Give credit where it is due

FRANKLY I think Dr Gideon Gono’s task of turning the country’s fortunes around is quite daunting.

I also agree that his efforts need to be complemented by a sound

fiscal policy that stops all the leakages through parastatal reforms.

Gono’s area of influence is relatively small viewed against the magnitude of the political, diplomatic and socio-economic challenges facing the nation.

There is a real danger of people expecting too much of him.

But Jefferson Chinodya’s conclusion that the man has failed because prices are still going up, “Under such masters you’re getting nowhere, Gideon”, (Zimbabwe Independent, July 9) is rather unfair criticism.

Inflation can be likened to a moving train – you reduce speed and eventually stop. And that is exactly what the author alludes to by weekly increases having stopped.

While our problems as a nation are profound, especially at the political level, let’s give credit where it is due.

Richard ka Ncube,


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