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Forget about transparency

ARCHIBISHOP Pius Ncube is wasting his time.

It doesn’t matter how many ghost voters there were in past elections. We know they were fiddled.

However, we

are looking forward and it doesn’t matter how many transparent boxes there will be or how many will have purple stains on their fingers.

The elections won’t be transparent while Jonathan Moyo runs the media and the majority of our citizens see, hear and read only his views, thus having no way of thinking rationally while millions abroad are disenfranchised.

Moreover, since giving $3,5 billion to war veterans messed up the fiscus, a series of cowardly bills, actions and decrees have limited any access to rational thought.

The government media are boasting about increased readership.

Of course, they shut down the preferred papers. People buy theirs to read the obituaries, football news and Andy Capp cartoon strips.

I recall the last TV news before the last parliamentary election with Supa (not Super) Mandiwanzira in the chair.

Since then I have spoiled myself by switching off the propaganda and tuneless twitching.

I did see an ancient Jurassic film about crocodiles recently which reminded me of our rulers.



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