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Dearth of brain power at Zesa

THE advertisement which Zesa has been flighting recently is very annoying, irritating and baffling.

* No sooner had it started that we were told Zesa “does n

ot have enough power” and will be introducing load shedding;

* It lacks creativity, originality and appeal as it is a copy-cat of Sendekera Mwana Wevhu taken lock, stock and barrel, ie layout, style, tune, dance and who knows – may be the actors too!;

* How dare they spend millions of dollars advertising a product in short supply?;

* Sendekera jingle had its fair share of controversy while Zesa has been yearning for its own;

* This advertisement if anything, shows lack of “brain power” by Zesa despite having PhDs in management; and

* I rarely find appropriate situations where dumb and stupid can be applied

but I think here it fits well;

The jingle should be changed to Zesa – Moto Mushoma (Zesa – less power).

Left in the dark,


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