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Chimoio gala: an insult to fallen heroes

SHOULD we not be concerned about the proliferation of these so-called biras or galas?

I have watched late heroes being abused by drunken youths and mediocre Zanu

PF musicians. Only a fortnight ago, I watched as hired Zupco buses streamed into Masvingo’s inner city hotels burping out aspiring kid musicians who were billed as “the cream of Zimbabwean musicians”.

Judging from the excessive airtime on government radio and television and in the government-owned newspapers, it was all at taxpayers’ expense. This is (Minister of Information) Jonathan Moyo’s idea of local talent that is filling up the ridiculous 75% local content on our radio and television stations.

After improperly exploiting the late Joshua Nkomo, these people shamelessly moved onto Simon Muzenda. Now hardly three weeks later, they have slated a “solidarity gala” in Chimoio of all places. Isn’t this insulting?

I worked with Cde Chinx (aka Dick Chingaira) at ZTV for several years. I admit I am surprised by his intention to participate in such an obnoxious “bash”. An affable character who rarely talks about his experiences in the war of liberation, Chinx would simply grunt: (It was tough) “Iwe! Zvanga zvisingaiti sha!” whenever I tried to pry some conversation about the war from him.

And to Chinx I say, why are you doing this? We all know what happened at Chimoio. Is it proper to take these young bloodhounds with running noses to Chimoio supposedly to commemorate something they were told is a solidarity bash?

People were killed there, Chinx; and you know that. Do we have to insult and slander them by showing half-naked girls gyrating away near the scene where the worst atrocity was committed against our men, women and children?

Chinx, did you see battle or you were but just a singer? How can you be part of such an embarrassing and derogatory escapade? You want us to travel to the scene of the worst atrocity committed against our people to have fun near their memorial? Only someone who was never at war can dream up such a ridiculous bash in the name of solidarity. People died there, Chinx. You were there yourself. I expect the likes of Tanga Wekwa Sando to go but not you, Chinx.

You know as much as I do that all these Zanu PF musicians are being paid from state coffers because they cannot generate any income on their own. Except for Cephas Mashakada and the nervous-looking Hosea Chipanga, I challenge you, Chinx, Rocqui, Audius Mutawarira, Ivy Kombo or any of those wet noses to book a hall and draw a crowd on your own.

In Masvingo, as everywhere else, “the cream of Zimbabwean musicians” was all under one roof and all of them charging a paltry fee in a football stadium! Have mercy on us.

Taxpayers’ money is being used on these youngsters who can’t sing. If these musicians are that good, let them compete and earn their keep.

Chinx, you have done it before; I dare you to do it again! Like you used to say “pasi nezvimbwa sungata!” (Down with puppets).

Remember our Mvengemvenge days? That was music. I enjoyed it very much because then all musicians were original.

Chinx, should you go to Chomoio, please go to pray and give thanks because the people who perished there did so for a cause. And you and me are two of the beneficiaries. Do not let people abuse the memory of beneficial pain. You of all people should show the people how to appreciate and how to thank our fallen heroes.

You and the other guys at the then professionally-run ZTV used to jokingly refer to me as a “been to”. But you taught me well. Come back to the people, Chinx.

Solidarity bash? No, Chinx. Stop being part of this charade. I trust you.

Tanonoka Joseph Whande,


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