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Charity begins at home Mr President

I DON’T at all agree with the war going on in Iraq, but the speech by President Mugabe at the UN left me angrier than before.

serif”>Of course, I expected it – each time the president is given a platform to speak, his messages are similar and so boring – attacking George Bush and Tony Blair. His address to the UN was no exception.

Mr President, charity begins at home. You are not the best person to comment on matters of democracy because that word doesn’t appear anywhere in your vocabulary.

I was surprised to hear that type of speech from the same old man who has made us political and economic refugees, whose party tortures and kills opposition members in his own country, the same old dictator who banned independent media as a hear-no-evil see-no-evil ploy to the world, the same man who destroyed the country’s once vibrant agricultural sector that used to feed not only Zimbabwe but our neighbours, the same man who uses food as a political tool to cow voters, the same man who rigs elections and disregards the rule of law in his country, one man who is above the law, who unashamedly stands up in front of the world to blast other countries for failure to implement democracy.

Even in your speech, did you realise that you were the only leader lacking diplomacy in dealing with sensitive issues like Iraq? Who do you think has forgotten what you did to Matabeleland in the 80s during the Gukurahundi era, when your North Korean-trained 5th Brigade raped and murdered innocent people and buried them in mass graves?

We know what you are up to. You want to instill fear in the world so that you remain untouchable in your human rights violations.

Don’t use what is happening elsewhere as an excuse to suppress your own people.

You tell the world that you are stamping out corruption, yet you sacrifice a few to cover up for your cabinet ministers guilty of the same offences.

Political violence goes unreported everyday – it is a crime to wear an MDC T-shirt in Zimbabwe.

May I also remind you that you had the freedom to say what you wanted about the Iraq war because you were in a democratic country yet you deny us the same when we criticise you over your misrule at home.

Mukuru Mukuru,


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