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ON Sunday my cousin was attacked at gun-point by four men in Cranborne at around 2pm as she was walking to a friend’s house.

A black Japanese Corolla with tinted

windows and bearing no number plate drove past and stopped a little way in front of her. Suddenly the men in their mid thirties jumped out and grabbed her.

They removed her wedding rings and gold chains and also grabbed her hand bag.

As if that wasn’t enough, they grabbed her by the neck and forced her mouth open. They battled to open the top of a small bottle that they carried but a man who was walking by distracted them. They let go of her, rushed into their car and drove off leaving behind the small bottle containing a liquid.

The labs confirmed that the solution was used by doctors to drug patients when they went for surgery.

This drug would knock one out and instantly put him to sleep. One can only wonder what would have happened had they managed to drug her.



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