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Zimbabweans in diaspora helping selves and Zim

PNR Silversides’ letter entitled “Letter was a little suspect” (Zimbabwe Independent, April 23) cannot go unchallenged.

I am sick and tired of people who see ever

ything in the light of Zanu PF or MDC. Yes we are furthering our own interests and those of our relatives back home by being in the diaspora. In the process we are also furthering the interests of the country by sending lots of money to prevent our relatives who are also citizens of Zimbabwe from starving and for their medical treatment.

We took the initiative to help ourselves, relatives and, though you don’t understand it, Zimbabwe. We are not interested in the politics that you are involved in by thinking that the money sent will further advance Zanu PF’s cause.

We know that you are probably an opposition supporter who believes that the only way to get into power is by destroying the economy.

Being patriotic is not to just sit idle in Zimbabwe with no job and not contributing anything to the country. Those with businesses in Zimbabwe are furthering their own interests and in the process the interests of the country.

If you think that the economy is going to collapse and your beloved party gets into power, forget it!



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