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ZCU board, executive should leave the scene

IN my humble opinion, in business or any organisation, if the people entrusted with the job of running the entity cannot look after the assets of the entity and ensure its continuance, they should be replaced.

NT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The Zimbabwe Cricket Union board and executive should all resign. They were entrusted with looking after a sport that is not only a livelihood to many but a pleasure to so many Zimbabweans.

If they cannot sort out the current impasse that exists between the main asset of the sport, the players, and the board, the administration must go and the trustees must appoint individuals who will.

No excuses can be accepted. Personalities have obviously come into play. Zimbabwe cricket is bigger than individuals, if you can’t do the job, let someone else do it.

Jacobus van der Westhuizen,


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