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When will they say enough is enough?

FOR how long shall ZBC keep churning out lies? For how long are they going to incite violence against another race? For how long are they going to disappoint thousands of viewers with their amateurish broadcasting?

P>What do they think they are doing showing us those dirty, poor and hungry innocent souls dancing for a plate of sadza and matemba which they call a Zesa advert?

So Zesa has started installing electricity in those shacks?

Really for a credible news editor to let a story like “The British and EU have influenced the AU Human Rights Commission on Zimbabwe to give a negative report” is to take us viewers for a ride.

First the Commonwealth observer team submitted to British influence in condemning the sham elections we had in this country. Now the AU Human Rights commission was also British-influenced.

My foot, this goes to show how little regard you have for our faculties of thinking. I do not see any normal Zimbabwean believing you.

We have seen what Posa does to our liberties, we have seen what Aippa can do to our freedom of speech, we have seen how judicial appointments have seriously eroded confidence in the judiciary system.

We have seen how any Tom and Dick who is associated with Zanu PF have become regulatory authorities who can now put and implement laws like that buffoon in Mutare who declares Bennett persona non grata and ZBC is happy harping to that fool.

We have Chinotimba telling us how he will deal with John Nkomo as if he is an authority and ZBC rushes to interview such a person.

For a credible news editor to line up some characters like Nhara, Timbe,Mahoso, and call them analysts is like making a fool out of himself, just like having the likes of Caesar Zvayi as columnists. These guys are so shallow; they make a mockery of normal analysts. The only good news is ZBC remains local and therefore their poison remains administered locally. I just can imagine if the station could be watched in other countries!

Anyway, sorry Zimbos, we have become laughing stocks of the world. Go to Maputo, you hear them say “You Zimbabwe, sida eh or poplo” and I was told it means “You Zimbabweans, either you have Aids or you are poor”.

Trevor Ryan Mashayamombe,


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