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We are denied water for days’

YOU may not be aware that Greendale North (and therefore Tafara, Mabvuku, Letombo etc which are on the same line) were again without water last week.

For April we

had no water for a total of 18 days out of 30 and for June we were without water for four days by last Friday.

Upon inquiring I was told that the compressors they had hired had collapsed. No one could tell me what they were doing about it or when the municipality or the government were going to act on the situation.

The truth is obviously that the entire water system has collapsed and no one is doing anything about it.

Government is obviously not supplying the necessary finance for a complete overhaul of the water system. When is government going to be held accountable?

When is the minister responsible going to do something constructive instead of locking himself in continual spats with the municipality?

Please could you investigate this horrific scenario and expose the incompetence and lack of forward planning until something is done.

S Bown,


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