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MultiChoice should be truthful

THE letter “Why MultiChoice Zimbabwe quotes subs in US dollar”, (Zimbabwe Independent, July 28) refers.

I am a Zimbabwean based in East Africa where we pay our subscriptions, which are quoted in loca

l currency.

MultiChoice’s marketing & public relations manager Kirsty Brien should be open and tell us the truth. Only the truth will set us free.

MultiChoice is merely transferring foreign currency risk (be it price or other now inherent in owning or possessing foreign currency in Zimbabwe) to its customers.

That their liabilities are denominated in foreign currency is not peculiar to MultiChoice.

I am paid in US dollars but my liabilities are denominated in KES/UGX/TSH.

If all companies whose liabilities are denominated in foreign currency were to start charging for their products/services in foreign currency, then God knows how people would cope.

MultiChoice should next time be more truthful especially to their potential customers.


East Africa.

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