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Mugabe was never for multi-party democracy

THE reality is that President Mugabe and his Zanu PF government do not subscribe to multi-party democracy and have never liked it from the beginning.

Remember Mug

abe strongly advocated a one-party-state in the early stages of our Independence and succumbed to a multi-party system because of pressure from the donor community and disapproval of one-party-state by people like Edgar Tekere. This talk of having accepted the opposition “if it was genuinely Zimbabwean” is only a smokescreen.

Mugabe only created something that resembles a multi-party system to win the confidence of the Western donors, but at heart he remained a firm believer of the one-party-state. In the meantime he modified the laws of the country to make it impossible for anyone to win any election in the country. I have no ray of doubt that Morgan Tsvangirai won the last election if the truth be said.

Party after party – Zum, Zapu, Zud, Forum among others – have been destroyed using state machinery namely heavy propaganda by the national media, CIO, state thuggery and threats to any would-be supporters and infiltration by state agents. I remember one agent fully paid by the state who joined the Forum and divided it from within only to resign just before the elections.

Also remember that all these opposition parties were destroyed under the pretext of being Western and white men’s fronts.

Even Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu was labelled by Mugabe in the 1985 election as a British puppet always running to the British for help on Zimbabwean problems. Same trick, same trickster and we unfortunately continually fall into the same trap. Shame on us.

Why would the British only want to colonise Zimbabwe in the whole of Africa and the world? There are far richer countries worth colonising than Zimbabwe.

We all know that the MDC was formed after extensive consultations with various stakeholders which include the workers and was never the brainchild of British premier Tony Blair as the trickster now tells us.

If we allow the MDC, our own brainchild, to die by accepting the same lie that it is a Western front, let me warn the people of Zimbabwe that there will never again be any viable opposition in the country and Zanu PF will preside over our misery forever.

At least the MDC had the opportunity to make a significant impact on the Zimbabwean political arena simply because it had a strong launching platform in the form of trade unions.

Can we let this last child – our only hope – die again because the trickster has told us that she is Western? No! We refuse – not this time again. In the meantime the child should continue on the basis on which she was founded, genuinely committing everything to God. I remember very well the party was launched with a word of prayer and that should continue to be its trademark for it to continue surviving under this demon-infested regime.



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