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Medical aid societies have much to hide

I PERSONALLY am peeved that no Cimas, Namas and Psmas representatives had the courage to appear on the TV programme Talking Business with Supa recently todiscuss a hot topical issue with the Zima president. This shows arrogance of the hig

hest order. I challenge these organisations to give us their reason(s) for turning down that opportunity.

Whilst we’re all clamouring for our voices to be heard, these guys don’t give a hoot! They surely musthave a lot to hide.

My feeling is that medical aid societies must beabolished and a National Health Authority put in place. Patients will pay upfront (through monthlycontributions) and then get treatment.

They will then pay any shortfalls later (after treatment) not thestupid system we have in place right now which does not help patients when they need help themost.

As an example, I went for an operation and the total costs I paid upfront were about $80 000. Do you know how much Cimas refunded me? About $15 000 only!

For a start, employees could urge their employers to deposit all medical contributions and assist employeesfrom this fund.

It will most likely be more efficient and relevant to them than the current schemes wheremonthly premiums are pegged at an average of $50 000 and when you submit a claim you’ll be lucky to get 50%of the money you paid for services.

Yes, Zima is right. Patients and doctors don’t need medical aid societies. Where do they keep all thosemonthly contributions?



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