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Marimo deserved the chop

I WAS looking at the Sunday Mail of June 6 and the Herald of June 7, you know what I saw don’t you? If the Sambo thing is anything to go by, then Sunday Marimo must learn to say the truth every time.

erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>After the disappointing 2-0 win over Eriteria the Sunday Mail carried a picture of players on its front page and after Gabon had handed us the ticket to Tunisia it was Marimo on the front page. Inoita here iyi (is this nice?).

Marimo neded to score many goals in that match but he failed. That’s a fact because soccer fans in the country waited for 24 hours to know their team’s fate.

Did we need more reasons to keep Mhofu at the helm after his 1-2 loss to the Seychelles? Only myopic people could not see that Mhofu was not as good as he was portrayed by our biased sports journalists. Further proof came when we lost again to Mauritania and the defeat was played down as usual.

Then came the much-awaited Cup of African Nations 2004. Mhofu wanted a quarter-final place and he promised the nation but did not achieve but still some people think he is the best thing to happen to local football since Moses Chunga.

His loss to Egypt showed lack of technical expertise. Contrary to the “expertise he showed in Mali”, we have noticed our national team seems to play well when away and the game is not shown on television. (The reports are always favourable if a match was played away.)

When we ended up as the only team to lose to Cameroon our journalists concentrated on the three goals we scored instead of making it clear to the public that the Cameroonians were so relaxed that their coach had to rebuke them at half time.


University of Zimbabwe.

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