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Maredza’s utterances on Christianity unwarranted

AS a Christian I feel Claude Maredza’s utterances on SFM’s In Focus programme on January 6 cannot go unchallenged.

Far from adhering to the theme of the programme

, he saw a golden chance to give vent to his unwarranted distaste for Christianity, calling it nonsense.

Saying Zimbabwe is a non-Christian state spoke volumes about how desperate he is to ram his atheistic ideology down everyone’s throat, Christians included.

Mind you, this is not his maiden attack on Christianity.

Not long ago, he wrote a book entitled When God Went On Leave, a book targeted at discrediting and rubbishing Christianity. Indeed, his appears to be an overdose of atheism. Long after others have awakened to the truth, he is still slumbering in the dead and buried notion that Christianity was instrumental in the colonisation process. Conveniently, he ignores the fact that Christianity was there well before the scramble for Africa.

As the colonialists abused the Bible to further their selfish agendas, he in like manner is demonising Christianity so as to engender his atheistic ideology.

To him I say Christianity is here to stay. The Bible says heaven and earth shall pass away, but God’s word shall not pass away.

Blessed Chuma,


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