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Marazanye just seeking cheap media publicity

I AM surprised by the amount of debate Kudakwashe Marazanye’s pathetic piece on tribal relations in Zimbabwe has caused.

“>When I first read the article, I almost felt obliged to respond to it and denounce Marazanye for his lack of relevance in today’s society. I felt people who still think in terms of Shona and Ndebele are a menace to the Zimbabwean fabric and are attempting to do what the dark years of Gukurahundi failed to do.

However, after a while, I looked at the name of the writer and quickly dismissed the piece as a futile attempt to seek cheap media publicity by someone barren of new ideas.

I do not believe that Marazanye is as dull as his article suggested and I also do not think he is a tribalist as alleged by most people who responded to his article.

Marazanye knew by writing such a controversial article he would get cheap media publicity and generate a lot of confusion amongst the faint-hearted.

There are people out there who would do anything to see their names in print – Marazanye is one of them.

I have been reading his articles for a long time and I know if he is not complaining about some obscure cases of imaginary racism, he is busy comparing how well the Shonas have fared over the Ndebeles, or how the Karangas have the best dialect amongst the Shonas.

While it is appreciated that in the interests of freedom of speech, the Independent and other media have continued to publish warped articles such as Marazanye’s, I think the reading and discerning public should desist from responding to such remarks which are only aimed at adding more confusion to our already troubled country.

Some people ended up writing as if Marazanye’s views represented the views of all those who share the same language with him, yet most of us know that Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans and everyone should feel free to use any language they want.

In non-political terms, there is nothing wrong in not having a Shona equivalent of Sisonke, as much as there is nothing wrong in not having a Ndebele equivalent of Sendekera.

I will not be tempted to respond specifically to Marazanye’s unwarranted attacks on the Chronicle because doing so is falling into the devil’s net.

Marazanye’s views belong to the Stone Age of human development and the more we dwell on the issues he raises, the more we give prominence to a loser.

Finally for the record, and despite what Nathaniel Manheru says, I am a charcoal black Zimbabwean and I speak English with a deep Karanga accent; much like our humorous late Vice President Simon Muzenda. But I am not a loser like Marazanye.

Hudson Taivo.


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