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Involve all in choosing electoral commission

THE MDC is happy that Zanu PF has finally accepted the MDC leadership on governance and electoral issues.

We hope that Zanu PF will accept the MDC leadership in t

he fight for the restoration of a better life for the people of Zimbabwe through its Restart programme which lays down a comprehensive plan to provide jobs, food, affordable education and health for the people.

For the last two years the MDC has been campaigning for the electoral changes which Zanu PF has finally accepted. The MDC Restart documents which contain the 15 demands, have long called for an independent electoral commission for polls to be conducted in one day, counting be done at the polling stations, the use of visible indelible ink and the use of translucent boxes.

The party has long called for automatic registration upon one turning 18 years old. All these are contained in the MDC demands.

However, the MDC does not accept the Zanu PF notion of an independent electoral commission that is appointed by itself. The MDC believes that in order to achieve its independence the method of appointment must be a subject of negotiation by all stakeholders including civil society the MDC and Zanu PF.

Consequently, the MDC is opposed to the appointment system which might lead to a commission that is completely subservient to Zanu PF like the Media and Information Commission led by Tafataona Mahoso.

We do not accept the idea that the chief electoral officer be appointed by Robert Mugabe.

We believe that the method of appointment of all members of the commission cannot be unilaterally declared by Zanu PF without consulting other stakeholders in particular the MDC as this is a constitutional matter.

While the MDC believes that this is a move in the right direction, it is still to consult all its civic partners on a detailed response and the practicability of the proposed reforms.

Professor W Ncube,

Secretary General MDC.

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