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Heal the wounds, try architects of terror

ON a cold night in June 2000 an MDC election agent vanished from his village. He was found weeks later, decomposing, face down. His eyes had been gouged out, his fingers chopped off and skin stripped from his legs.


Villagers implicated a Zanu PF activist who had earlier threatened the election monitor. But the police concluded that the MDC election monitor’s death was – of all things – suicide!

Now as the campaign for the 2005 parliamentary election hots up, the question is: will the horror return? For we know the unrepentant, unpunished architects of the 2000 and 2002 election violence will try to claw their way back into power.

At every election time Zanu PF has notoriously established a reputation for ruthlessness and their message to their supporters seems clear – you can get away with anything, even murder.

By any measure Zanu PF’s election crimes rank among the worst this century. For many brutalised Zimbabweans bygones can no longer be bygones. Above all, we need a trial of the architects of terror – Biggie Chitoro, Joseph Mwale, Tom Kainosi aka Kitsiyatota and others. And that will be the first step towards restoring morality to our society in the hope of getting beyond the pain of the past.

Nomore Sibanda,

MDC national elections coordinator, & Frank Matandirotya

MDC shadow MP Chikomba,


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