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Gono’s delivery fine, but why spare govt censure?

IT is early days yet but Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono’s policy statement seems to have introduced welcome measures to reduce inconvenience for people on the street, as well as to provide some breathing space for the private sector.

align=justify>It remains to be seen if the zeros will not have returned with a vengeance within a year.

I am no economist and will not attempt to tread where wiser men will be providing us better illumination.

However, the good governor did not restrict himself to the core, monetary issues of a central bank in his lengthy preamble. Neither does he appear to do so in his day-to-day functions.

By targeting inflation (zeros), corruption, indiscipline, speculation, etc, as our major enemies, he once again appeared to shield the government, deliberately or otherwise, from what many see as the root causes of our predicament.

These include economic mismanagement, the land invasions, the disputed elections of 2000 and 2002 and the various reactive and repressive actions taken since then by the government to stay in power.

Most of our problems including international political isolation, the ever-shrinking economy, the flight of international investment and skilled manpower, among others, are merely by-products thereof.

If a plate of rotten meat is laid out, it is a questionable exercise to express dismay and indignation (be it eloquently or theatrically) when swarms of flies appear.

The rotten meat remains in front of us. However, I am sure many of us are indeed grateful to the team at the central bank for swatting at some of the flies on behalf of the people.



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