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Demand equal exposure of Mat massacres

HIP!HIP! hooray for Roy Bennett for revealing Zanu PF as weaklings. The bullying tactics of Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa and company have been matched by courageous Bennett who was only using his right of self-defence.

Ever since Zanu PF lost the last general election, it has been bullying all and sundry in Zimbabwe with impunity. It is very disheartening that everyone in Zanu PF including its MPs are such blubbering cowards who will support anything – right or wrong – said by President Mugabe.

Chinamasa was going on and on about getting Bennett’s piece of land and naturally the latter blew his top. For this, cowardly Zanu PF members staged orchestrated demonstrations in Harare.

It was a great shame to stage such demonstrations when thousands of our fellow countrymen have been assaulted and left homeless by Zanu PF in the past five years or so without any action from Zanu PF supporters.

For more than two weeks the Americans in Iraq have been pornographically shown on ZTV which suspended its own censorship board to score points against the US.

This so-called scoop was watched by all ages in the country. Why did the censorship board not protect children from this pornography? The answer – Zanu PF thought that this would sway people’s support to its side.

Zanu PF again deliberately highlighted events in Iraq papering over atrocities carried out by our own forces in Zimbabwe. These are tactics of bullies all over the world who like to see only their good side and not the bad one.

I dare challenge Zanu PF supporters to demand the same coverage of the Matabeleland massacres that were equally grave.

People of Zimbabwe, let us all stand up against the bullying Zanu PF and vote them out despite the odds against us. If we have to die for our freedom then we must die. After all we only die once.



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