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Beverley taking us for a ride

IT now seems as if Beverley Building Society is taking us (its clients) for a ride.

Their ATM service has deteriorated of late.

We hardly get any one of thei

r ATMs working these days and even on their Zimswitch partners the message we get is either the Beverley processor is down or some other lame excuse!

Their antics have grown in magnitude despite the fact that we can now link to the bank on their Zimswitch partners.

But alas, as soon as we enter a withdrawal amount regardless of how small it may be, we get the message that our daily limit has been reached when in fact, we would not have withdrawn money on the day in question even for a week as in my case.

On June 2 I went to Kwekwe on business and at around 13:20hrs I was running out of cash.

Since I had my ATM card on me I went to a Beverley ATM cubicle which I saw locked, hence I had to enter the banking hall.

A lady manning the inquiries desk told me that the ATM was out of order and they had no swipe machines.

I then went to Cabs where I saw the ATM functional but when I tried to access my money I got the message that my daily limit had been reached.

I returned to Beverley and when I inquired about the ATM message the lady in attendance drew a blank.

When I prodded her for further information she flatly refused to help indicating that I should phone their head offices in Harare.

I indicated to her that it was her duty to make the call not mine as it meant I had to incur additional costs.

I was in fact adamant she was the one supposed to phone on behalf of the bank’s clients.

She also indicated that she had not received any complaints from Kwekwe clients about something sinister happening to these ATMs.

It is an honest fact that most Beverley clients with ATM cards have discovered this service is almost non-existent. This has been going on for some time.

It’s high time Beverley did something as regards their ATM service if this is not a deliberate attempt to frustrate us or to limit the amounts that we withdraw from our accounts as it is not practical to use a passbook all the time especially when we are travelling or making purchases.

After all, what is the purpose of issuing clients ATM cards for a service that is non-existent.

Beverley should note that we are watching and to make matters worse, there has not been any notice in either the print or electronic media or in their banking halls as regards the non-functionality of their ATMS.

I think they are taking us for a ride. It also appears as if Beverley is the only bank with spooky ATMs at the moment.



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