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Zim cricket should reflect composition of its people

PETER Lovemore’s letter “Streak’s departure a sad chapter in cricket history” (Zimbabwe Independent April 8) cannot go unchallenged.

The letter smacks of hypocris

y and has a thread of vitriol running through it, no wonder then that we need laws on press freedom. Was he such a champion of racial equality in pre-Independence days? Amazing how Peter Chingoka (a man respected in international cricketing circles) is labelled arrogant.

Surely making demands (Lovemore’s word for Heath Streak) should be classified as arrogant? The ZCU board is perhaps weary of being given ultimatums by players.

As Lovemore likes using examples from Western cricketing nations – this would not be tolerated in Australia or England.

The reality is that this is not about a Western cricketing nation. This is about Zimbabwe – a nation which has a cricketing and other history which cannot be ignored. A history which saw whites have positions of privilege and preference.

I know I was one of them too. This is still true in Zimbabwe cricket today. So what do you do? Pretend it doesn’t exist? Cry foul every time you think skin colour has played a part in selection? Whisper and scheme in little groups?

Zimbabwe’s cricket team should be a reflection of the composition of her people. It is ridiculous that after 24 years it is not. It needs to be confronted. Yes the mind does boggle, will some people ever learn? Stop whining and get over it.

Strangely, or perhaps not, Lovemore makes no mention of Henry Olonga or any other black players in his list of supposed “loyal sons” of Zimbabwe cricket.

Murray Goodwin and Neil Johnson were in the team for the money and the glory – chete. Neither of them were good enough to play for their countries of residence. Good riddance to them. Unrealised talent was a phrase often applied to Alistair Campbell, enough said. As for the others, can’t recall any great heroics from them either? Despite his stand, Andy Flower was leaving Zimbabwe anyway.

So they can all cry into their beer, but hopefully Zimbabwe cricket will not. Congratulations Tatenda Taibu on becoming the youngest captain in cricket history.

Linda Loudon,


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