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ZCU should be blind to colour

I AM a black Zimbabwean who has never written to a newspaper before but what recently happened in Zimbabwean cricket prompted me to write. I’m not happy at all about the way captain Heath Streak was handled.

face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>What was so unreasonable about what he was complaining about?

The whole point of having half the team as blacks is ridiculous. People should be chosen on merit and not skin colour.

If any black player feels he is good enough and not being given a chance then he has a right to protest but that should not affect selection of the whole team, otherwise we are just going to have a politically correct but bad team.

How come no one has ever introduced such policies in games such as soccer?

For as long as white people are citizens of this country they are also real Zimbabweans. Let’s not treat them like foreigners.

In a way we are practising double standards. We accuse America and other Western nations of racism and of treating black people living there unfairly yet now we seem to be doing the same thing.

To the ZCU I say all we want is a good team as long as the person is a true Zimbabwean.

Makhaya Ntini is one of the best cricketers in the world because he is good and not because he is black.

On another note we really should be applauding and appreciating Streak for all the good work he has done. He has taken cricket to high levels in this country.

Though Tatenda Taibu is good I don’t believe he has achieved that as yet.

Streak stood by the team and Zimbabwe which by the way is also his own country when people like Henry Olonga deserted the team.

If we accuse the Western nations of being racist then what are we doing? Are we trying to prove a point that we can also be racists? Come on, stop this madness and bring Streak back.

I hope Streak gets to know that we are behind him and wish we had the guts to take to the streets in protest against the ZCU.

I urge the ZCU to be fair for the goodness of mankind. Kana tisingagoni mutambo wacho hatigoni. Bvumai tiende kudenga (if we are not good at the sport we should admit it).

A very disappointed fan,

anonymous 2006@yahoo.com

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