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Zanu PF’s stance on polls welcome

THE Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust (Zimcet) commends the ruling Zanu PF party for taking steps that are the essential ingredients for holding free and fair elections.

NT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Zimcet believes that the proposals of scrapping the involvement of the registrar-general’s office, an independent electoral body, voting in one day, transparent ballot boxes and for vote verification and counting to be done at polling stations, among others, are efforts, if followed to the letter, that might ensure that the electoral process is transparent.

For a long time civic society organisations have been calling on the government to take steps in this line and the fact that the ruling party has accepted these proposals in preparation for the elections next year, is a firm statement about the forthcoming elections.

Zimcet only hopes that the proposals that are the first emphatic statement by the ruling party on the forthcoming elections will be taken seriously and that every effort will be taken for the proposed independent electoral body to be truly independent of political interference.

However, Zimcet urges the government to ensure that the presidential appointee to the commission is to some extent publicly vetted.

It is known worldwide even in Africa that elections held over two or more days could be open to manipulation and change in this regard is a dawn of a new era for Zimbabwe.

As an organisation that advocates for the promotion of tolerance and co-existence, Zimcet hopes that in the preparation for next year’s elections the government will not ignore to take steps that will ensure the significant reduction of politically-motivated violence, in particular by punishing all those who are found guilty of such crimes.

David A Chimhini,

Zimcet executive director,


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