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Why is Mugabe quiet on schools saga?

IN the ongoing onslaught by the Minister of Education Aenias Chigwedere on the fees being charged by private schools, there has been a very deafening silence emanating from the office of the president.

“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>One could be forgiven for thinking that with three children of school-going age, all attending our elitist private schools, a comment would have been forthcoming from him, as this disgraceful saga has directly affected them.

Given his stand on the provision of education to the children of Zimbabwe, his feelings and thoughts are very pertinent to the scenario currently being played out.

Is the minister’s position in fact his own? I would hate to think that the president is hiding behind the minister’s cloak on this matter.

I do not believe that the minister would have the gall or the gumption to have done that which we are witnessing without the necessary go-ahead from a higher authority.

It is unbelievable that a parent can stand aside while his children’s future is being destroyed by a minister who in his tenure has so far done nothing to improve the lot of government schools and has only succeeded in courting controversy.

In the previous issues he has raised, the minister has quickly backed down when faced with the public’s ire.

It seems to me that the minister is intent on trying to hide his own deficiencies in running a ministry of such importance and being unable to produce the desired or stated objectives – a populace able to face the challenges of the world with an educated and enlightened mind.

Scandals as occurred at Zimsec are being swept under the carpet and the spotlight turned to efficiently run schools with unwarranted accusations as their continued successful existence only serves to highlight his and government’s failure.

I would suggest the minister cleaned up his own house first before proceeding to destroy that which continues to function as it should.

Education is the single most important reason parents remain in Zimbabwe and try to sit out our moments (or should I say years) of madness.

Irate Parent,


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