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Why don’t they speak out?

IT is important to refresh your memory about Dr Tafataona Mahoso’s threat to your newspaper group.

In 2003 he told one of your reporters that they would be gunnin

g for you after closure of the Daily News and its sister paper the Daily News on Sunday.

Now the government should be preparing to close in on your newspapers, especially as they have “dealt” with the Tribune. By alleging that the Mail & Guardian is employing local unregistered journalists and that it is planning to clandestinely publish in Zimbabwe, the government is preparing the public for action it is planning to take. One could be the banning of the newspaper from circulating in this country.

Secondly, by alleging that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted to working with the opposition Movement for Democractic Change (MDC), the government is preparing the public for a ban of the MDC.

This appears to be the twin strategy before the March 2005 parliamentary election. After that, of course, they will be free to introduce amendments to the Electoral Act.

However, before people start celebrating that the end of the meddling of the Registrar-General, the Election Supervisory Commission and the Election Directorate is near, there is need for caution. For example, the same faces could resurface at the Zimbabwe Election Commission.

It is good that the Independent dismissed the spurious allegations against the Mail & Guardian. What are we to make of the “silence” of both the British Embassy on the one hand and the MDC on the other?

Among the gullible – and there are many that we see being paraded on television daily – are many who will believe that their silence suggests some truth in the allegations made against them.

Tirivanhu Mhofu,


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