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Who’s fanning hostility: Studio 7 or ZBC?

I HAVE listened to Studio 7 almost every day. I have read the Herald, Chronicle, Sunday Mail and I have listened to ZBC Newsnet. Being too poor to afford a dish, I have no choice. I am now wondering what to be hostile is.

Who defines the term hostile? Is telling the truth hostile? Is laying the facts bare being hostile? Is a station hostile because Tafataona Mahoso, Jonathan Moyo or Tazzen Mandizvidza say so?

Listen to Dumiyake, Brenda Moyo, Ray Choto and others at Studio 7 report – so professional and balanced.

When MDC legislator Roy Bennett turned bull at provocative Patrick Chinamasa and his body’s swerve had Didymus Mutasa throwing himself under the bench in the House, we heard hogwash from ZBC, the Herald, the unelected MPs and some bunch of unschooled idiots masquerading as patriotic Zimbabweans. This was being hostile. They turned on all whites and spread more terror and fear in other people.

Listen to Zvikomborero Sibanda on ZBC Newsnet telling the whole nation that MDC is a British-sponsored and directed party yet she does not even have a shred of evidence to support this.

Listen to Patrice Makova telling us of a man shot accidentally as he tried to shoot a Zanu PF supporter in Chimanimani yet the man was gunned down by Zanu PF supporters who were invading Bennett’s farm.

Listen to Cleo Tsimba reading lies about how a white man shot a new farmer yet she does not tell us that he was defending himself after a lot of assaults on him.

Now tune in to Studio 7 and listen to them getting the truth from all people involved. They talk to Health minister David Parirenyatwa about the unfair distribution of ARVs, they talk to Agriculture minister Joseph Made about the maize yields and they seek the MDC’s Renson Gasela’s opinion. They talk to Welshman Ncube about the lies being peddled by ZBC so as to hear both sides of the story.

Did we not hear Mutasa saying if “the people” harm Bennett he asked for it and the government will not protect him? So what is hostile about Studio 7? So whenever the truth is said, Zanu PF, especially these newcomers in the party, feel offended.

Look at Mahoso: instead of just reminding a publisher about re-registering, he closes the paper for a year and who in his right mind can invest in such an environment. As far as he is concerned, the number of the unemployed in the country does not matter as long as the truth is suppressed. He is the only person on earth who trains people so that they remain unemployed.

As for the Botswana Minister of Information, try to do something better for your country than take orders from Jonathan Moyo. You are not, as that ANC buffoon said, a province of another country. If you get your money’s worth for them to be in Botswana so be it. At least we thank you for hosting a station that tells us the truth, not the bumper harvest we are told about. Bread is now unaffordable yet the Herald screams “bread price goes down”.

As to Moyo, can you allow these ZBC reporters to write their own stories? As for ZBC reporters and news readers, ask yourselves where you will be when the winds of change come along.

Will we let you off the hook with the amount of hatred you are spewing everyday? Will we forgive you when thousands starve yet you had reported bumper harvests? Will we salute you for creating so much enmity amongst people by your being abused by ministers to report falsely on others?

Where is your conscience when you read a story of a teacher who has been beaten by barbed wire yet you say parents peacefully demonstrated against a teacher who was teaching students about the MDC?

We will, yes, respect Brenda Moyo, Blessing Zulu, Ray Choto, Plaxedes Jeremiah, Carol Gombakomba and their colleagues for a job well done. Theirs are reports not emotions, news gathering not parroting, true facts not distortions. And for that, the station is called hostile!

God help us save Studio 7 from the sharks. To Jonathan Moyo, ban the manufacture of radios with shortwave or AM functionality rather than try to force other countries to shut down a station.

Trevor Ryan Mashayamombe,


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