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We’re not ripe for quota system

LINDA Loudon’s criticism of Peter Lovemore (“Zim cricket should reflect composition of its people”, Zimbabwe Independent, April 16) is unfounded and unjustified.

In the USA, African Americans comprise only 28% of the total population and yet 70% of the players in the NBA are black.

We just haven’t covered enough ground at grassroots level to warrant the quota system of proportional representation of black players in the cricket team.

Mind you, cricket in Zimbabwe is different from the Asian sub-continent and the West Indies where it is almost a religion.

A lot of blacks fully support Heath Streak for his admirable conduct as an able and capable ambassador throughout his tenure. Loudon is either naive or just expressing her colonial guilt like most left wing liberals but we are not living in Shangri La.

The reality is that the political rot afflicting our country has seeped into all institutions as typified by the militant Ozias Bvute who seems to think the ZCU is an arm of Zanu PF.

Like most cricket lovers, I want to see Zimbabwe turning out the best side in every match because the ZCU owes it to the fans.

If it means the best side is made up of 11 white players, then so be it! They are Zimbabweans aren’t they?

Is it too much to ask that the ZCU run their affairs fairly and transparently; not like that inept lot running the government.

Zvina Mutandiro,


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