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Water cut story misled public

THE story last week of there being a 24-hour water cut in some suburbs entirely misled the public.

In high-level areas where water has to be pumped to the reservo

ir and water towers, instead of being gravity fed, there has been no water since the beginning of that week.

This is not an unusual occurrence and earlier in the year a two-week cut was experienced.

Causes of such unacceptable service from the City of Harare are:

* Poor maintenance and slow service of pumps and equipment;

*When spares are required the bureaucratic process takes three or four days to process a cheque with which to purchase the spares (sometimes more if it is over a weekend);

*Lack of a sense of urgency or responsibility by those in the job;

*The lack of the spare pumps and other equipment which once upon a time could be brought into temporary service, because they have all been broken, lost or stolen; and

* Loss of pumping time caused by Zesa power cuts in strategic areas.

At the time of writing we have been without water for five days.

G Brawn,


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