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Theft now legal!

IN life there are so many lessons which as a people we need to learn from. It is a sin to rob from anyone. To take by force using the law is just as bad as stealing without the owner’s knowledge. It’s like sending a letter to an address i

nforming them that you need them to open the doors to the house because you as a thief are coming to collect all their furniture, cars, and clothes, and the law is in your favour.

It is unbelievable that a political party wants to take farming machinery by passing a law to justify their own gain of taking farming implements from the farmers.

It is not about whites, it’s about what is right. These farmers bought this machinery and it belongs to them. If the government is failing to purchase farming machinery they should buy it from the farmers instead of passing selfish laws to justify their lack of planning.

It’s another failure to provide services to the people. Everyone can be blamed for the situation Zimbabwe is in today, but common sense tells us that Zanu PF has failed the African people as a whole.

Farming is a science and just because one is born a black man it does not necessarily mean one is automatically a good farmer, neither does it apply if one is born white, brown or green.

Opportunists are a common sight in Zanu PF, let the record speak for itself as has been demonstrated by the corruption that is rife.

As a black man who is interested in seeing Africa develop beyond this century and centuries to come, people of short-sight are a hindrance to development and progress. It is embarrassing to see how low the people have been reduced to. Simple things have now been made to look impossible. Buying fuel used to be done by oil companies, now anyone can bring in the fuel.

Sugar used to be processed by a sugar refinery, now Zanu PF wants to control it. The rot they have caused is beyond understanding. The transport system which they wanted to control is now reduced to a rotten heap of scrap metal, a once prosperous bus service and railway service which used to be reliable and the envy of all Africa is no more.

Zupco, National Railways of Zimbabwe, Air Zimbabwe, Affretair and agriculture are all now a history lesson of how to mismanage an economy.

Fed up,


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