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The wrong stage to discredit Zifa

FOLLOWING the postponement of the Zifa council meeting scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 19, enemies of football have chosen the wrong stage to discredit Zifa and local football. The post

poned Zifa council meeting held at some hotel in Harare is a non-event.

The timing of the action was obviously aimed at dampening the morale of the players so that they under-perform and justify the action of the misguided councillors.

This was designed in a way that would lead to goverment intervention that could easily attract a Fifa ban on Zimbabwe. It is therefore clear that these people want Zimbabwe to be embarrassed.

Let me assure the nation that the Zifa board is still in office and will remain in office as long as their term of office is valid.

Sinister attempts by some councillors to undo national efforts are part of a conspiracy to bring the game of football into direspute.

J Rusike,

Zifa council president.

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