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Shame on you sellouts!

YOU and those who support the belligerence of white supremacist nations such as Britain and the US in their continued attempts to control and dictate the policies of

Zimbabwe and to secure its resources for white folks and their corporate cronies in and out of the country are committing grand treason.

We blacks in the West are ashamed at the manner in which you line yourselves up with your former white oppressors against your own kind.

Zimbabwe’s problems should be solved by the people of that country, not by white Europeans or white Americans. It is the economic stranglehold that has been placed on Zimbabwe since its Independence by the white Western global powers in retaliation for Zimbabweans’ courageous overthrow of the yoke of white supremacist control that has led to the current state of political and economic affairs in the country.

Like here in Amerikkka (sic), Zimbabwe is no different when it comes to an unlimited supply of race traitors ready to sacrifice the blood of their ancestors for the fleeting materialistic promises of Western neo-conservative white supremacist avarice.

Marcus Selassie,


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