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Sage advice for SA

I WISH to congratulate all South Africans on their apparent free and fair election which the press reports was conducted in a violence-free environment.


ations too to those who were elected into parliament. This is a great honour to be chosen to represent your particular constituencies and your country. May they serve those who have shown their confidence in them well and democratically.

The South African voters should however, beware of becoming naive and being enveloped in the popularity and euphoria of a single political party which has served them so well over the last 10 years.

They should remember the dangers of the formation of a one-party state and of a “rubber stamp” parliament of which there are many examples to their north.

This is how dictators are born to destroy stable nations and refuse to retire from power.

An effective opposition is the most essential ingredient of good governance which prevents greed, corruption and social injustices.

It also vigorously ensures that the rule of law and the constitution is upheld.



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