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Sadc should help or steer clear of us

THANK you for your continued unbiased and fair coverage of Zimbabwean political and social news. Please keep up the good work despite the tough conditions you operate under.

sans-serif”>I was so baffled by the news from Geneva that the vote fell in favour of Zimbabwe and that the UN established there is no human rights violations in our country.

It clearly shows that our quagmire is far from over. The African leaders continue to vote blindly, turning the other way as if everything is well in Zimbabwe.

It’s indeed shameful that for the sake of Africanism, leaders can be one and forget the poor innocent victims they lead, ignoring their voice of concern. The daily paper that used to enlighten the world was shut down so that through the state-sponsored Herald and Sunday Mail the world continues to hear Zanu PF propaganda.

Sadc should be held responsible as they are turning a blind eye on Zimbabwean problems.

The UN should send its representative to stay and monitor the situation on the ground. Zimbabwean politicians are renowned actors. Whenever delegates are sent to investigate, they pretend to be extra nice, cease the hostility for the period under scrutiny and as soon as they leave, the floodgates of human rights abuses, murder, rape and torture resume.

As long as these brothers continue to ignore our plight, we will continue to suffer while the government continues to rule by decree with impunity.

The African leaders’ support should be welcome if their aim is to benefit ordinary Zimbabweans experiencing the worst economic crisis ever. If they agree that it’s due to sanctions, let them step in and ease the crisis rather than just bark against the West.

Let their solidarity be in actions to help the starving masses not just words meant to keep alive their personal friendship with Mugabe at the expense of the suffering masses.

That Zanu PF is strongly supported can only be embraced by people whose minds have been brainwashed through misrepresentation of facts from the partisan Herald and Sunday Mail.

Could the Sadc and other like-minded neighbouring leaders please give us a break and desist from contributing to our downfall. Either help us gain our freedom again or keep your hands off. You always say we will solve our own problems which you already know we have failed to do in a so-called democratic country where even peaceful demonstrations can lead to shooting by partisan men and women in uniforms.

Mukuru Mukuru,



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