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PSC keeps shifting goalposts

THIS is an open letter to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education and the secretary for the Public Service Commission (PSC).

etica, sans-serif”>I completed my post-graduate certificate in education studies at the University of Zimbabwe in October 2002 and submitted the certificate to the regional office in Bindura in August 2003 in anticipation of an upgrade together with a pay rise. Up until now, nothing has materialised.

I made a follow-up in September and went to Bindura only to be told that as of August that year the PSC was to be responsible for regrades and recommendations.

In September the PSC in its circular 12 of 2003 stated that the PSC only rewarded upgrades “from the day the PSC approves your credentials” and not from the day you were awarded your certificates. In effect this means no more backpay.

The loophole of this unilateral decision is that if the PSC deliberately sits on your papers then you are down and out.

Recently I went to the PSC again on a follow-up mission. I was told the goalposts had been changed and regrading is now done at the regional offices, meaning I had to resubmit my papers to Bindura.

After the regional office recommendation the documents will be sent to NSSA House before being sent to the Salary Services Bureau.

With the long and winding bureaucracy involved, this will take a further period of at least four months and one will still be expected to display the same amount of zeal to work as that of November 2002.

I have been abused, taken advantage of, cheated and demoralised and am awaiting what will happen next.

Waiting in vain


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