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Nathaniel Manheru, I am a hybrid Kalanga

I WISH, through your paper, to assure “Nathaniel Manheru” that I am neither white, Wetherell, Russian, Kikuyu nor Congolese as suggested by his last Saturday’s column. As we love to say in my mother tongue, “ndiNkalanga dumbu”, meaning I

am a hybrid Kalanga.

I was born in Dombodema and grew up in various areas of Bulilimamangwe. I went to the same high school in Bulawayo that Manheru’s mentor, the Minister of State for Information and Publicity purportedly went to.

I say purportedly because I am about the same age as he is and therefore was at the high school at about the same time he should have been but I do not recall ever seeing him nor do many of my ex-High School mates.

Both Tjiliwa and Lugondo are my family names, Mr Manheru, and if you had an interest in other peoples of Zimbabwe you would know that we Kalangas spell “ch” or “tsh” as “tj”. For instance, the proper spelling of where your boss comes from is Tjolotjo, not Tsholotsho.

Tjiliwa wa Lugondo,


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