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MDC should desist from playing victim

FOR the MDC to maintain its position as the only credible opposition and government in waiting, it must “excite” the political arena.

The leadership must start no

w to meet the common person not through organised rallies but on buses, at bottle stores, beer halls, churches and football matches.

The mere presence of the leadership at such places will alert people to the worsening situation and make people regain their interest in politics.

Wherever possible it should explain why it is important to take part in the fight for change.

It should explain that even under these conditions it is possible to beat Zanu PF at the polls and encourage people to belong to Zanu PF every other day except on the polling day. This is for their safety.

The opposition should also assure people of the secrecy of their vote and also ask for donations during such times.

It is a fact that the government/ ruling party will always make it difficult, if not impossible for the opposition to hold rallies.

However, even in a free and fair competition the MDC would be foolish to expect favours from a competitor.

The time to sit, cry and play the victim is over! All forces of change must be proactive if change is to come. We have to outwit Zanu PF!

Maxwell “Chinja” Shoko,


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