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Lotto takes more than luck

IN playing the lotto, your chances are slim: there are 49 numbers from which to choose the winning six-number combination. From these 49, there are 13 983 816 different possible combinations, of six numbers, that could each be the winning


The probability of winning the lotto is approx 0,00003%. In other words, despite the fact that each card comes with four options to help increase your chances of winning, if you played the lotto approximately 3 333 333 times, theoretically you would win it only once.

For you to be absolutely sure you’ll win the lotto, you’ll have to buy exactly 3 495 954 tickets and write four different six-number combinations on each. This willcost you $3 495 594 000 since each ticket goes for $1 000.

For the winning 6-number combination, there are 44 possible first numbers, 990 possible second numbers, 15 810, 29 370, 43 560, and 57 750 possible third, fourth , fifth, and sixth numbers respectively.

The probability that you’ll get, for example, the third number correct, is 0,023 (2,3%). However, the probability that you’ll get it correct given that you got the first two numbers correct is 0,00007 (0,007%). It gets harder and harder as we go on to the fourth, fifth, and the sixth number.

In other words, it’s just as difficult to win the lotto as it is to find a decent woman these days! It takes more than luck.

Amos Chinodakufa.


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