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IMF, save Zim economy

SINCERE congratulations to the International Monetary Fund.

You have taken over the economics and some/most of the poli

tics of Zimbabwe. In so-doing you are saving the people and the economy from the actions and inactions of their vindictive government.

But be careful, the government of Zimbabwe in implementing your directive to stablise the exchange rate is making the business of doing business impossible for many small, medium and large businesses. They simply cannot get the forex they require to function without standing serious risk of going to prison.

There is a real danger that business flight – and businessman flight – is about to take place on a scale which will not be recoverable in the short or medium term. It will doom to failure your plans for the revival of the Zimbabwean economy.

Get your experts back in the country and talk to business people. Examine in detail what is happening. Correct the outlandish interpretation of your directives by government. Save the Zimbabwe economy and the Zimbabwe people.

Alex Weir,


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