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How did my name come up? – A letter to Nathaniel Manheru.

I HAVE learnt to ignore the spurious references to me that occasionally appear in your column. On this occasion I would be most grateful, however, if you could please explain to me and, no doubt, to your readers, the circumstances surroun

ding the cropping up of my name in your column of May 15.

I am not in any way, apart from possibly a shared nationality, connected with any Zimbabwean currently staying in the Mozambican capital. I do not believe I know anyone who is currently based in Maputo.

I am too far away from Zimbabwe and Mozambique to concern myself with the activities of Zimbabweans unknown to me who currently live in Maputo. To describe any such Zimbabweans as “Nyarota’s leftovers in Maputo”, assuming human beings can ever be reduced to the status of leftovers, is clearly mischievous and slanderous.

I was never informed, until I read about it in your column, of any planned plot to harm Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information during his recent sojourn in Maputo. I was not aware Professor Jonathan Moyo was visiting that country until I read about his ordeal in the Mozambican capital in your own column.

I do not regard Mr Fernando Goncalves, a Mozambican national who worked with Dr Ibbo Mandaza at Sapes Trust in Harare at a time when I was based in Maputo, as an associate of mine. In fact, I was not aware of his current whereabouts until your attempt to link him with me in the said column. I have not seen or heard of him for many years. I am surprised you omit to mention, for whatever reason, the names of those who, in your own words, kept, fed and dressed Fernando for many, many years in Harare, while seeking to draw false linkages between him and me.

I should feel flattered that there are Zimbabweans like you who genuinely believe that I wield so much power and influence among my compatriots across the oceans as to cause them to rise against a powerful government minister visiting a foreign country. Instead, I am ashamed that Zimbabwe’s journalism has been reduced to such depths of depravity.

Very kind regards,

Geoffrey Nyarota,

Harvard University,


This letter was sent to the Herald but remained unpublished by yesterday.

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