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Horrific cruelty under guise of reform

IF it wasn’t so tragic, it would be absolutely hilarious (“Farmers ditch milk production for crops”, Independent, April 16). In fact, it could quite easily be converted into an Irish joke.

al, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The logic is kill the cows which produce the milk and sell the meat to pay off the loan. What a stroke of absolute business brilliance! The authorities probably call this sustainable agriculture in Zimbabwe.

They also forgot that dairy cows need milking two or three times a day. You can’t do it just during the weekends, or can you? Well, it seems they can and they obviously forget that insufficient milking causes swollen udders, mastitis and severe agony for the cow.

Hard work? What’s that? Knowledge? What’s that? It’s completely mind-boggling stuff.

The bottom line is that there is horrific cruelty going on under the guise of land reform and the silence from those who should be screaming is deafening.

Last but not least, the regime then decides to import 20 000 heifers to boost the national herd. Notwithstanding their recommendation, wanting 20 000 heifers is one thing, obtaining them would be another. And where is the money coming from?

And what about getting a few bulls, +/-1000 would be needed to cover these heifers. What cannot be understood is that there was a 100-year build-up of good quality dairy genetics prior to the year 2000 and it was the regime’s policies which destroyed it in just four years.

Makorokoto Mugabe

A Messenger,

South Africa.

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