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Ground the chopper and put funds to better use!

IT is amazing to think some people would actually write to your paper with so absurd a comment as “if you are democratic publish this letter”.

The letter did not

even go to any lengths to justify support of President Mugabe travelling by chopper except to say presidents the world over habitually travel by air.

Well, let me just remind Simomo Mubi that our president is not like presidents the world over and our country is not like other countries the world over. Some decisions should be based on our own situation and not on the norm around the world.

Ours is a small country struggling to raise foreign currency to buy the same fuel that the three choppers guzzle and if not for such extravagance the money could be put to better use in purchasing chemicals to purify our drinking water, medication for the thousands dying of Aids-related ailments or housing the orphans of Aids, violence and persecution.

The list is endless but suffice it to say there is such a disregard for the ordinary citizen in our country that you would be forgiven for thinking Mugabe is not an elected public official.

Mubi further says presidents travel long distances by air.

Well, if the distance from State House to Zvimba is classified as long then surely we have a problem of measurement. Personally I think it’s a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other. If he were to use the motorcade he would take all and sundry with him, cook, barber et al and the cars used in the motorcade are top-of-the-range fuel-burning machines.

Ashley Millin,


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