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Gono too small for political heavies

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has picked on Gideon Gono to wage war against financial institutions and wealthy personalities suspected to have been responsible for the anarchy in the economy.

Gono has vowed to cleanse the financial houses of all the mess. Gono is sufficiently qualified for the job. He appears determined to carry through his revolution.

Gono has started cracking his whip, sending some wealthy businessmen into hiding. He has closed down some of the financial houses, recovering or seizing what had been illegally acquired.

Gono is now a feared and hated man by those who have gone into shady deals. Gono is now a loved man by those whose financial houses have received some blessings from the state.

But Gono must be warned that despite doing a good job, he has been drawn into a political game in which his muscles are not yet strong enough to intimidate heavyweight politicians who have invested billions in some of the financial institutions now under attack. There is likely to be a serious backlash from those who feel they are being targeted in a political war.

There is a likelihood of a political bloodbath between Joseph Msika and the Korekore people who believe that Philip Chiyangwa has been humiliated because he challenged chefs, including Msika himself.

S Zinoro,


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