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Dithering on forex destroying Zim

THIS letter is directed at Eric Bloch and the RBZ governor, Dr Gideon Gono.

Both have mentioned many times the need to tap forex from Zimbabweans abroad but up to

now nothing has been done about it. I do not even understand why there is need for a visit overseas to see how this can be done.

It’s common knowledge that the issue of the exchange rate is what must be fixed.

It is a fact that 80% of the foreign earnings from Zimbabweans in the diaspora finds its way into the country in one way or the other. It would be quite good if this forex could find its way through the official government system. But as things stand, many people no longer trust the government and never believe what it says.

This issue is a classical example of just talk and talk with no corresponding action – something that has destroyed our country.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora deserve respect and support from the government.

Believe it or not, forex from us in the diaspora has helped in its small way to save the country from serious problems. The little forex has managed to buy power for the country among other things. Therefore there is need for the government to really work hand in glove with us.

Everyday huge amounts of forex get to Zimbabwe to support relatives, buy properties and so on, helping the economy in the process. Can you imagine what Zimbabwe will be today if all those millions outside the country hadn’t taken that brave step?

Taneta neyep-yep (we’re fed up with cheap talk) with no action. Could Mr Bloch please explain what is happening otherwise ticharamba tichitumira mari neblack market (otherwise we’ll continue using the black market) because the auction rate is just not realistic.

Even exporting companies are now beginning to feel the heat. Please learn from countries like Ireland who have benefited from exporting labour.

Chakabaya chikatyokera


New Zealand.

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