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Daily News closed itself Mr Editor

IT is with great pain that I have decided to write to your paper. I guess you are a professional who has been over the years trying to give the public correct and informative news.

etica, sans-serif”>I for one have been a reader of probably all newspapers (when they were available).

But what really bothers me is the way you in particular try to defend the demise of the Daily News.

It is correct to say we need a daily paper with a different view from the Herald but it is grossly incorrect to say the Media and Information Commission (MIC) prevented the Daily News from registering when every media house was given more than enough time to register and ANZ for reasons best known to itself decided otherwise.

It is very sad indeed to realise that you are going about claiming that the Daily News was closed by the MIC. It closed itself.

In this country we ceased to have an informative press way back in 1999, the time when we tried to come up with a new constitution. Thereafter no journalist can claim that he/she has been working to inform, let alone promote tolerance.

Cleophas Jera,


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